General Counsel Services

Hefty Wiley & Gore serves as general counsel to cities, counties, and towns in Virginia. 

Regional Government Authorities

Hefty Wiley & Gore assists local governments with the formation of regional governing authorities and special governing bodies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Lobbying and Government Affairs

Hefty Wiley & Gore provides legislative and regulatory advice, representing many of our clients as needed before the Virginia General Assembly, the State Board of Corrections, and numerous other legislative and executive branch agencies and regulatory boards.

Public Procurement and PPEA

Hefty Wiley & Gore advises local governments on Virginia’s Public Procurement Act and how to purchase goods and services to ensure that competition exists in a fair and impartial manner with the avoidance of any impropriety.

Freedom of Information Act

We help make sure that our clients respond to requests for government documents in an appropriate and timely manner while appropriately maintaining the confidentiality of certain information.

Jail Law and Juvenile Detention Commissions

Hefty Wiley & Gore has the experience and expertise in jail law to represent local and regional jails throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Social Services Law

Hefty Wiley & Gore provides general legal counsel and support services to local Boards and Departments of Social Services in Virginia.

Land Use and Zoning

Hefty Wiley & Gore represents local governments in Virginia on matters related to land use and zoning.

Employment Law

Hefty Wiley & Gore represents local governments in Virginia in all types of personnel matters.