Freedom of Information Act

“In adopting the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (the “Act” or “FOIA”), the General Assembly has declared that “the affairs of government are not intended to be conducted in an atmosphere of secrecy.” Va. Code § 2.2-3700. The legislative policy underlying the Act is to ensure citizens of Virginia ready access to records in the custody of public officials and free entry to meetings of public bodies. Openness is the established general rule. Closed meetings and denial of access to records must be based on a specifically expressed exemption, either in the Act itself or in some other applicable statute.” - Roger Wiley

Unless specifically exempt, government documents must be made available to the public. We help make sure that our clients respond to requests for government documents in an appropriate and timely manner while appropriately maintaining the confidentiality of certain information. All of our attorneys have extensive experience in advising our clients on all aspects of Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act compliance, including:

  • Response to requests for records;
  • FOIA Policy drafting and review;
  • Settlement and resolution of FOIA disputes; and
  • Representation of public bodies in cases involving alleged violations of FOIA