Experience & Approach

Hefty, Wiley & Gore, P.C. was formed over 25 years ago and is focused on representing Virginia local governments and political subdivisions.  We are general counsel to numerous local and regional public entities across the Commonwealth, including several counties and towns, regional jail and detention authorities, planning district commissions, regional solid waste authorities, and economic development authorities, among others.  Many of our clients have been with the firm for many years and we believe our responsiveness, expertise, and reasonable fees have much to do with these successful, long-term relationships.     

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with legal issues unique to this arena. We advise our clients on legislative and transactional matters, boardroom procedure and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, contract drafting and negotiation, the Virginia Public Procurement Act, planning, zoning and community development, employment and personnel matters, water, wastewater, and utilities, and the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, among other matters.  We also represent our clients before state agencies concerning administrative and regulatory matters and before the General Assembly on legislative matters. 

Delivery of Services

Our model is to help you navigate potential legal issues and resolve conflicts early on, thereby avoiding unnecessary and costly disputes or litigation.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs and will strive to develop strong working relationships with your key staff and officials to better understand those needs that may be unique to our clients.

Due to the collaborative nature of our practice, the services of our entire firm are generally at the disposal of all of our clients, allowing them to draw upon our collective knowledge and experience.

Fee Structure

We have a unique model in that we have a monthly, flat-fee arrangement with most of the firm’s clients.  In our experience, a monthly flat-fee fosters better and more open communications with our clients so that board members and staff are not concerned about incurring additional legal costs that often result from bill-by-the-hour fee arrangements.  Another advantage of a predictable, flat-fee arrangement is that it provides certainty to the annual budgeting process, avoiding unexpected spikes or fluctuations in fees.  Fee ranges vary, depending on the size of the entity, its needs, and the expected scope of work.  We are always open to discussing our fee arrangements and customizing our representation to fit our clients’ needs.