Regional Government Authorities

Hefty Wiley & Gore assists local governments with the formation of regional governing authorities and special governing bodies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Regional cooperation continues to be an effective tool for local governments to provide quality essential services to their citizens. Our attorneys help local governments establish the governing board and prepare the legal documents necessary to create a regional governmental entity in Virginia. In addition, we provide contract and procurement administration related to land acquisition and facility construction.

The attorneys at Hefty Wiley & Gore serve as general counsel to many regional authorities in Virginia. Included among the many regional and special government authorities we have helped to form and to which we have provided general counsel services are:

  • Regional Jail Authorities
  • Juvenile Detention Commissions
  • Broadband Authorities
  • Waste Management Authorities
  • Recreation Facilities Authorities
  • Regional Emergency Communications Boards
  • Economic Development Authorities